LNL Printers for Schools

The LNL ‘Free’ Printers for Schools scheme was established over 10 years ago and provides real savings for hundreds of schools and colleges. Now we offer much more. No finance agreements, no pushy sales, just best value solutions for schools and colleges to easily take control of print and copy provision. Save money and free staff time with LNL and our Printers for Schools scheme - unique in the UK!

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How do you work today?

Most schools still have a central copier/MFD or two and a host of printers. With little or no renewal budget, they soon become unreliable, expensive to run and difficult to manage.

You may have tried moving printing to upgraded copiers/MFD, but where you have lots of rooms and possibly several buildings this is usually inflexible, leading to mounting pressure to have more of the same. It is all too easy for initial savings to be swallowed up by technology creep, escalating finance charges and yearly increases in copy costs.

Expensive solutions such as follow–me–printing and card systems to solve problems that didn’t exist before just add to the problem. Does this sound familiar?

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How could you work today!

Working with hundreds of schools and colleges over the years, it's no surprise that most have very similar requirements. Coursework and student printing, admin and staff needs and increasingly, the support for mobile devices.

All that's really needed is a reliable and efficient mix of cost effective devices at key locations, effective maintenance and support with a way to easily to monitor performance.

Get this right and costs, including ‘soft costs’ such as staff time and IT support can be significantly reduced and kept under control.

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LNL Printers for Schools- Making it happen!

Unique in the UK, our operating agreements don’t involve finance companies so there are no compliance issues, leaving you free to take the best decisions. Top of the range equipment with full manufacturer support and warranty gives you the performance and reliability you need and access to price support that individual organisations or groups are unlikely to achieve.

The result is typical savings on operating costs of 20% or more. In addition, with our support and fleet management software, you will be up and running quickly and able to easily monitor all your printers from any location, saving staff time and resources.

If required we can also provide management software to control print use and even work with your existing equipment to leverage best value from your historic spending.

No one knows your needs better than you but working with hundreds of schools and colleges enables us to recommend the best starting point, help you through pinch points and around pitfalls as you move to the best and most economical solution.

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What's next?

If you just want the latest free printer on the LNL Printers for Schools scheme, we have them available for next day delivery. Remember, we provide the printer for use free of charge for three years with full manufacturer support and warranty. You just buy the consumables at the best prices available at the time of ordering.

If you would like to order a printer or arrange a trial, please contact us.

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Want to find out more?

If you would like to find out more by yourself, please use the rest of this site which has more detail.

If you would like to take part in one of our webinars or would just like to talk things through with one of us just let us know through the email or telephone listed at the bottom of the page.