LNL Printers For Schools

Delivering service and value to thousands of customers throughout the UK.

Team effortFrom the begining we set out to provide a high standard of service combined with exceptional value to our customers. We supply consumables for most manufacturers and models of laser printer and the rapid growth in this area, particularly of high volume users, reflects our policy of very competitive pricing along with first class service.

In new printer sales, whilst we price for most makes and models, we specialise in sales of Lexmark and Xerox printers. These manufacturers provide us a range of models to meet all needs and budgets from the largest to smallest user.

All our staff are trained in the products we sell and support and we have access to a vast amount of information from our customers and printers so we can provide the best advice on features and cost of ownership for our customers.

Large stocks of consumables and hardware for rapid reliable delivery.

Warehouse stockAt a time when many of our competitors hold no stock at all and manufacturer's distributors are reducing their stocks of hardware and consumables, we are committed to holding even more stock than ever. We are currently in the process of more than quadrupling our secure storage area.

Only by having such control over our stock and distribution can we ensure that we maintain the combination of value and service that you tell us is the key to our success.

LNL Print Services Ltd

People at work LNL Print Services was formed in February 2004 to provide printers under contract hire to some of our busiest customers.

We are a leading supplier of Xerox PagePack service agreements not only to customers of LNL Ltd. but also to customers of other Xerox printer resellers.

Working with high volume printer users in specialised environments such as graphic designers, estate agents, schools and colleges gives us an in-depth knowledge of their requirements and configuration issues. Many of our (and LNL Ltd.) customers value the advice and recommendations we can give on the printers we supply knowing that it is based on the experience we gain from our equipment in printing quite literally millions of pages.


LNL will never pass your details to anyone else and any contact that we make will be related to the LNL Printers For Schools Schemes.